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How to save someone's life

On a Club biking group  trip recently a member had Sudden Cardiac Arrest. (Only 10% survive a SCA if not treated immediately!) Fortunately, another member in the group understood the importance and technique of performing CPR. (A defibrillator was available, but not functional!)

It would be very good if everyone who feels capable of assisting in such an emergency learns the very simple technique required, and you can learn how to do it by watching the video produced by St John's, by clicking here

Info for people crossing farms - Mycoplasma Bovis

If you are tramping, cycling or horse trekking across a farm you need to be aware of Mycoplasma bovis. It does not pose any risk to you, but you can take some simple steps to stop it spreading.

An article that explains the issues is linked to here

First aid reminders

Brett represented the club on an outdoor first aid course recently. He prepared a concise set of points to note when someone is injured, which you can see here.