Trip information, past trips and contacts for Wanderers Tramping Club

tramping program to April 2023

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29 January

Social  River Path Ramble

Dianne Lee


12 February

Whiritoa Coastal Walk

Pam Cornforth


26 February

Tapapakanga Regional Park  

Colin & Margaret Standing


12 March

Waitekauri/Golden Cross

Keith Wilkinson

1 & 2

24-27 March

Huia Extended Weekend

Colin & Margaret Standing


26 March

Local Walk

Tony & Rose Dickens


9 Apr (Easter)


Carol Davies

1 &2

23 April

Redwoods Walk

Tony & Rose Dickens

1 &2

29 January Hamilton Grade 1

Social River Path Ramble
Fist trip of the new year, so we will meet at the Flagstaff shops car park at 8am. 
From here we will head to the river path and make our way around doing a loop returning to the car park for hopefully a coffee and/or ice cream.  The walk will be at a gentle pace doing about 5km.  Bring water, hat, slip slop slap and wear your walking shoes. Yes, there is a small hill but don't panic.
Depart: 8am Return: 11-12 noon approx
Cost: No charge
Leaders: Dianne & Pam
Bookings: Not required – just turn up
Contact: Dianne Txt/Phone 027 272 6617 

Sunday 12 February Waihi Grade 2
Whiritoa Coastal Walk         
Whiritoa is a coastal town north of Waihi Beach, 90 minutes from Hamilton.  Vehicles will park by the toilets and General Store where we will have our morning tea. 
The walk starts with the crossing of a shallow lagoon so there could be a water wade and then we head up steps towards Waimana Bay. At the north end of this bay we head up and across paddocks to Papakura Bay or Shipwreck Bay.  Remnants of the Hipi (a steam tug) from 1976 are still visible. An option here is to have lunch or descend to the beach on a chain and walk a little further. After lunch we will retrace route back to vehicles.
Finally, a drive to the south end of Whiritoa beach to admire some rock carvings and an exciting blowhole if it’s high tide.
Total time 4-5hrs
Depart: 8am Return: 5pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)
Leader: Pam and Barbara Durrant
Bookings Open: Monday 30 January
Contact: Pam Cornforth Txt 027 278 0690 Email

Sunday 26 February Franklin Grade 1
Tapapakanga Regional Park
This is a lovely 7.5km coastal walk for a summer day. The Regional Park is on the western shore of the Firth of Thames. We park the vans in the car park adjacent to the Ashby Historic Homestead and the walk begins along the beach. 
The Tapapakanga Stream has to be crossed (depth depends on the tide and you may like to bring sandals or crocs to protect the feet from the knobbly stones).  Once across, the track turns up a short hill  and then meanders through bush and pohutukawa with good views across the Firth of Thames. After about 2km the track veers inland to become a farm walk, climbing to a trig at 128m. The track continues across the working farm back to the start point.
There is a beach for those who would like to swim, so bring your togs.  When the swimming is done, the vans will relocate to Waharau Regional Park where those that wish can partake of the Waharau Bush Walk, a pleasant 2km walk through regenerating forest.
If members prefer, a further stop can be made at Miranda Hot Pools. Bring some extra cash if this is likely to be you. Make sure you bring sun hat and sunscreen.
Expect to walk about 4+ hours total. 
Depart: 7.30am Return: 5pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: Colin and Margaret Standing
Bookings open: Monday 13 February @ 6pm
Contact: Colin or Margaret hone 07 855 1335  Phone/Txt 027 326 6886  Email

Sunday 12 March Grades 1 & 2
Grade 1 - Waitekauri/Golden Cross – Waikino Area
We will drive as far up as Waitekauri then walk up open grasslands (could be roasting hot or freezing winds) so come prepared with sun protection and plenty of drink plus windproof clothing.
On reaching a hilltop junction we will turn either left to Maratoto Saddle or right around a lake then return down to the van.  We will have great views on a clear day.
Grade 2 - Hapuakohe North Walkway
This is a second go at the walk we abandoned due to the high winds in mid 2022 that was originally organised by Grant.
The van will leave Hamilton at 7:30am and it will take about an hour to get to the start of the track at the end of North Road. We will walk in for two hours and then return to the van on the same track for a total of four hours of hard walking. The first part of the track is a steep climb up to the ridge line. We then walk mainly on the ridge line with views out across the Hauraki Plains.
Depart: 7.30am Return: 5pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: G1 - Keith, Dianne and Friends
               G2 – Tony and Rose
Bookings Open: Monday 27 February at 6pm
Contact: Keith Phone/Txt 027 366 6194

24-27 March Waitakere Ranges All Grades 
Huia Weekend Trip
The weekend will be based at Huia Lodge with accommodation arranged for the nights of 24,25,26 March.
Proposed Itinerary:  
Note tramps will be decided on the day subject to weather/interest/vehicles etc.
Friday 24 March 
Leave Hamilton mid-morning (by arrangement with vehicle driver) – 150 km drive (approx 2½ hours). Meet up in Titirangi for a short walk of 5-6km. Access to the lodge is not before 2pm. Bring a pot-luck meal to share for dinner.
Saturday 25 March 
Choose one of the many day/part-day tramps or other activities (swimming, fishing,  museum etc.) available in the area (could be several groups) a list of potential tramps will be available. In the evening bring a pot-luck meal to share. A dress-up theme could also apply if sufficient interest from members.
Sunday 26 March 
Choose another tramp or activity. In the evening, groups may like to go out for a meal in Titirangi (15km - approx 20 mins) or make other arrangements.
Monday 26 October 
Clean up and vacate the lodge by 10am. Make our way slowly back to Hamilton. Maybe stop on the way for another short walk (say the Puhinui Stream Forest Trail – 4 kms) or visit a place of interest.
Huia Lodge (originally the Huia schoolhouse 1893 – now fully restored with added accommodation block) is situated at 1334a Huia Road, Huia and can accommodate up to 30 persons in 6 bunk rooms (two double bunks and one single bed in each). 
There is a fully equipped kitchen with fridge, freezer, large toaster, pots and pans, crockery, cutlery and utensils. Separate male/female toilets/showers are available in a separate block. No dogs or other animals are permitted. Smoking and the use of aerosols are not permitted within the buildings.
What to Bring:
· Sleeping bag or bed linen + blankets · Pillow
· Towels, tea towels · Towel and washing gear
· Personal medications · Sun hat
· Sunscreen ·Towel + swimming togs (optional)
· Fishing gear (optional) · Insect repellent
· Tramping gear · Personal first aid
· Wet weather gear/warm clothing · Special food if necessary
· Food for breakfasts (x3) lunch (x3)Shared pot-luck meal (x2)
· Your choice of beverage (tea/coffee etc) 
· Extra money for dinner/outings/coffee/snacks etc
· Tea, coffee, milk and sugar will be supplied
Will be by private vehicle. The number of vehicles parked on the site is limited to 12.
A list of prospective drivers will be available prior to departure. If you require transport you are expected to contact a driver on the list and share in the cost of travel with your agreed driver. Discuss a reasonable amount to pay with him/her (suggested range $25-$35). This may increase if your group decide on an alternative days activities that include increased travel.
More information to come
Leaders: Colin and Margaret Standing
Cost: $75 ($25/night) + transport contribution (to your driver)– this cost may be modified to suit number of people attending to ensure lodge charge of $362/night is covered.  To reserve your place, please pay the Treasurer. Email
Bookings Open: 27 February Close: 17 March

Sunday 26 March Hamilton Grade 1
Local Hamilton Walk 
As this is the same weekend as the Huia Trip we will have a very informal walk on this Sunday. Tony and Rose will lead you on one of the new sections of the Te Awa Walkway alongside the Waikato River from the Hamilton Gardens to Tamahere and return.
We will meet at the usual car park in Collingwood Street and drive to the starting point of the walk together. No bookings required as whoever turns up can help out with the car pool.
Depart: 7.30am Return: 3pm approx
Cost: No charge
Leaders: Tony and Rose Dickens
Bookings: Not required – just turn up
Contact: Tony Dickens Phone/Txt 0274 764 098 Email
Sunday 9 April (Easter) Whatawhata Grades 1&2

Karakariki Scenic Reserve
“Once set aside as a water conservation reserve, the Karakariki Scenic Reserve now provides a popular short Waikato Walk.  The Karakariki Reserve was once filled with kauri trees that were milled in the early 1900’s. The remaining forest and small stream provide a peaceful Waikato walk, just outside of Hamilton City.
A 20-minute walk will bring us to a small waterfall, where fossils can be found in the rocks and water, while a further 45 minute walk reaches the fence line and end of the trail.  The waterfall site provides a great spot for a family picnic and paddle in the stream during the hotter months.”  
From the car park we cross farmland so please take care around any animals. We will walk up to the fence line and return the same way, approximately two and a half hours tramping. Those wanting an easier walk will walk the same track for an hour at their pace and then return the same way. Morning tea will be at the waterfall. It is a short day but bring some lunch in case of unexpected holdups, or time is taken for a swim by the waterfall.
Depart: 8am Return: 1pm approx
Cost: $15.00 to driver as we will carpool
Leader: Carol Davies
Bookings: Not required – just turn up
Contact: Carol  Phone/Txt 027 319 0852  Email

Sunday 23 April Rotorua Grades 1 & 2
Redwoods Walk and Hot-Tub Experience
We depart Hamilton at 7:30am and travel to Rotorua. Both Grade 1 and Grade 2 walks start from Quarry Road car park. The tracks are easy walking and require an average fitness level and easy pace.
Grade 1: We will walk the Pohaturoa Track wich is 7.5km circuit expected to take about 3 to 4 hours. This track is for walkers only.
Grade 2: We will walk the Tokorangi Pa Track. It is an 11.5km circuit and we expect to walk this in 3-4 hours as well. We will be sharing this track with mountain bikes. The rules of the track are that mountain bikes must give way to walkers but we will keep alert at all times.
The intention is for G1 and G2 walkers to finish at the same time. At the end of the walk you will have three choices :
1) Spend 45 minutes in the Secret Spot Hot Tubs in a beautiful bush setting at a cost of $39 each. Swim costumes and towels are required. Each tub holds six people
2) Have a free foot hot tub if you purchase a coffee or beer to drink
3) Wait in the vans for about an hour until the hot tub people finish their soak
It is possible that one van may head back to Hamilton an hour early if it can be filled with non-hot tub people.
Depart: 7.30am Return: 5pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members)  $30.00 (non-members)
Hot tub experience is optional and will cost $39 each (paid on the day)
Leaders:G2 Tony & Rose
               G1 Dianne & Friends
Bookings: Monday 10 April @ 6pm
Contact Tony Dickens   Phone/Txt 0274 764 098  Email