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tramping program to January 2022

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All tramping is on hold while we are at level 3

All tramping is on hold while we are at level three





15 August

Parker Road, Huntly



29 August

Hapuakohe North Walkway,



1 and 2

12 September

Otawa Trig, Te Puke


1 and 2+

26 September

Leyland O’Brien  Track,Whakamarama

Dianne and Colin

1+ and 2+

10 October

Hurunui Hut, Kaimais

Colin and Ron


24 October

Pukemokemoke Reserve/Woodlands.




7 November

Western Walkway, Rotorua

Keith and Grant

1+ and 3

21 November

Grace Darling Mine and Battery,


Keith and Grant

1+ and 3

5 December

Christmas Christmas Walk & Lunch,Hamilton Gardens

Dianne and Pam


30 January 2022

 First trip of the new year



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Sunday 15 August                        Huntly                                  Grade 2

Trip # 1145 – Parker Rd/North Hakarimata

This track is at the Northern end of the Hakarimata range. There are a lot of steps, and an elevation gain of up to 250m, but you get to see a 1000 year old Kauri, a grove of rickers, and several nice views. This part of our day we will spin out till lunch time. After lunch we will drive to one of the other short walks in the Huntly area – Taupiri Mountain, the Scientific Reserve, or one of the lakes.

We start with a 10 to 20 minute climb up steps, to gain 60m elevation in 400m horizontal. We can get a view there, and then take the right-hand fork to walk to the kauri. At this point there is a planting of labelled native species, where we will stop for an education break.  From here there are flat sections, and a short climb through some bush and lots of scrub. 20 minutes gets us to the 1000 years old Kauri, that has a 7m circumference.  A bit further on are more Kauri, and a nice resting spot.

Steps begin again here, to climb 140m up to the upper lookout. This will take us about a half to one hour, through Nikau forest to a great viewpoint, looking north up the Waikato valley. We will not be rushing it, but we will have deserved our morning tea at this point.

Those who wish can then start on the tramping track up to the Southern Lookout, 700m along and 50m higher, where we look out to the south Waikato valley. (About an hour return.) The rest can enjoy their view a bit longer or start down the hill.

We return via the rest of the loop track, much steeper but all downhill on a very well formed path (with steps!). Very fine Nikau forest is seen on the way.  We will probably have lunch at a lookout near the junction where we meet up with our original track.   Check the website closer to the day to find out which of the afternoon options we will select.





4pm approx



$25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)


Ray and Ron



Monday 2 August @ 6pm


Ray Hoare

Phone/txt 021 170 0713




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Sunday 29 August Mangatarata Grades 1 & 2

Trip # 1146 - Hapuakohe North Walkway ​     

The vans will head along SH27 to North Road where we will park at the end of the road and the start of the track. The first part of the walk is on private land along a farm track to a fence line where the two groups will start a climb up through a pine plantation to the bush edge, once in the bush the track is well marked.

There are two lookout points along the track, the first (G1) 1h.30m and the second (G2) 3h. We will return the way we came.

If time allows we can stop for a coffee at the Native Tree Cafe on the corner of SH27 and North Road.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­








$25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)


Grade 2 - Grant & Co     Grade 1 - TBA



Monday 16 August @ 6pm


Keith Wilkinson

Phone   07 847 4399 Phone/txt 027 366 6194


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Sunday 12 September   Te Puke                Grades 1 & 2+

Trip # 1123 – Otawa Trig

We will travel to Te Puke and then up into the hills to take a walk to the Otawa Trig. The track starts on private farmland then up through forest dominated by tawa and rewarewa. Entering the forest, this track follows the undulating ridgeline to the Trig.

Although the track is in the bush for most of the walk there are a couple of places where on a good day we will have great views across the Bay of Plenty.  The track is well formed and easy to follow but is up hill for 2 ½ -3 hours with almost no flat walking to the trig.

The G1s will have morning tea on arrival and then walk up as far as desired.  The G2+ group will go to the trig and return to the van walking approx 5+ hours. 

Bring extra money for an ice cream/coffee at the real fruit ice cream shop on the way home if time allows.

Also,, because we will be at Delta level 2, please bring and wear a mask in the van

Depart:                 7.30am   Return:    6pm approx

Cost:                      $25 members  $30 non-members

Leader:                 Brenda

Bookings Open:    Monday 30 August

Contact                 Brenda Petersen Phone/Txt       0273 117 372 Email

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Sunday 26 September   Whakamarama Grades 1+ & 2+

Trip # 1124 – Leyland O’Brien Track, Puketoki Reserve

We will make our way to Whakamarama Road, Tauranga

Grade 1+ - Puketoki is one of the oldest reserves in the Western Bay of Plenty and the Te Puna Stream, which runs past the picnic spot, provides a safe, shallow spot to cool off. This bush reserve (34 hectares) was donated to the Whakamarama Community in 1926 by Henry Sharplin of the Whakamarama Land and Timber Company.  Before that time it was milled, so only the old surviving trees would be those not suitable for timber at that time. Tramways for transporting logs can still be seen along the track.

We will drive to the Reserve (we may need to drop off some G3’s on the way), have morning tea, then from here we will walk the long loop track within the reserves which has some amazing trees and history. After this we go to the Whakamarama Road end (off road 4WD area). The track descends for 100m to the junction of the Leyland O’Brien Tramline and Ngamarama Tracks. We will take the track which follows the old tramline beside the headwaters of the Ngamuwahine River. This section is flat and a loop track which will bring us back to the vehicles, with a slight climb to get out of valley. Some beautiful bush. Total Walking time approx 4-5 hours

Grade 2+ - This trip is to the historic Salvation Hut off the Leyland O’Brien track. At this time the plan is for the group to be dropped off at the Leyland O'Brien tramline. The hut is located in an area known to locals as the "long swamp." There is a track that branches off the Leyland O'Brien track to the privately built hut built in the early to mid 80’s. Total walking time approx 6 hours

Depart:                 7.30am   Return:  6-7pm approx   

Cost:                      $25.00 (members)   $30.00 (non-members)

Leaders :              G1+Dianne and friends,  G2+ Colin and friends

Bookings Open:    Monday 13 September @ 6pm

Contact                Dianne Lee   Txt  027 272 6617 Email

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Sunday 10 October          Kaimais                  Grade 2+

Trip # 1125 – Hurunui Hut           

The track starts at the Old Kaimai Road carpark near the Tuakopae Stream Bridge. After crossing the stream, we follow the western branch of the Henderson Tramline and continue up haul lines to the ridge of the North-South track. From here we turn north along the North-South Track, passing the junction of the northern branch of the Henderson Tramline and on to the 4 bed Hurunui Hut.

After lunch we walk southwards back to the junction of the Henderson Tramline where we turn eastwards crossing two large streams before reaching the Old Kaimai Road. Then a walk along the road back to the van. Likely to get wet feet if the streams are high.

Expect to walk about 6 hours including lunch and stops.

Depart:                 7.30am   Return: 6pm approx

Cost:                      $25.00 (members) $30.00 (non-members)

Leaders:               Colin Standing and Ron Clarke

Bookings Open:    Monday 27 September @ 6pm

Contact                Colin Standing   Phone   07 855 1335 Txt  021 253 1105 Email

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Sunday 24 October          Orini      Grade 1

Trip # 1126 – Pukemokemoke Reserve & Woodlands Ramble

We will meet at the usual place Community Living Trust car park and carpool for this trip.

 This private reserve has lots of native trees and birds. The aim is to gently climb up to the summit lookout (166m) and with good luck get great panoramic views over the Waikato Basin.  We then wander down the ridge line back down to the cars. This walk can be muddy in places and possibly slippery on the downside if wet, but we will take our time.


From here we will make our way to Woodlands for lunch and a coffee plus a walk around the grounds for those who feel like it, then home.

Total walking time around 4 hours max. Bring money for coffee/ice cream.

We will be carpooling for this trip so please bring $5 for the driver and $5 for the club.

No bookings required, just turn up

Depart:                 8am   Return:  2pm approx       

Cost:                      $5.00 to drivers + $5.00 to club

Leaders:               Dianne & friends

Bookings:            Not required – just turn up

Contact:               Dianne Lee   Phone/txt 027 272 6617

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Sunday 7 November       Rotorua                Grade 1+ & 3

Trip # 1127 – Western Walkway - Millar Road to Lake Okataina Education Camp

We make our way to Millar Road on Lake Okareka. You will be sharing this track with mountain bikes, so be careful. The track is well formed but could be rutted due to bikes.

The Western Okataina Walkway is an old forestry road that dates back to earlier last century when the area was logged for rimu, totara, rata and kahikatea. It is generally wide and well formed. Pass through some stunning native bush. Absorb amazing views of Lakes Rotorua and Rotoiti from the Whakapounakau Trig.

Grade 3’s - will be walking from Millar Rd through to Lake Okataina Education camp this is approx 19 km. You will have morning tea and lunch on the track.  There will be some challenges such as the 758m climb up to the Whakapoungakau trig along the way.

Total approx walking time 6-7h – suggest you carry torches

Grade 1+’s - are going to have morning tea then walk in and return on same track for about 3 hours. We then relocate the vehicles to Lake Okataina and walk in from the camp to meet the others.  You might if you feel up to a challenge go to the trig this is optional.

Depart:                 7.30am Return:  6-7pm  

Cost:                      $25.00 (members)  $30.00 (non-members)

Leaders:               G1+  Keith and friends       G3 Grant and friends

Bookings  Open:    Monday 25 October at 6pm

Contact:               Dianne Lee  Txt 027 272 6617  Email

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Sunday 21 November    Waitekauri         Grades 1+ & 3

Trip # 1128 – Waitekauri Valley/Grace Darling Mine

Grade 3 - Grace Darling Mine and Battery

The Grace Darling Co. was formed in 1892 to work this area using a ten stamp battery, but the results were disappointing. The battery was powered by water from the Kathleen Stream and a village was nearby.

From the parking spot, we will walk over some paddocks on a paper road, and once in the bush we will follow a loop pack track/route anti-clockwise and parallel to the Grace Darling Stream for a couple of hours, and then head west to hook up with the old Alpha Rd where we head back down to the Grace Darling Battery site and then back to the van.

This tramp may be done in the opposite direction starting at Scheltema Road which will include a 1km walk on the road back to the van.

Grade 1+ - Golden Cross, Waikino

While the G3’s are exploring the lower area of the Waitekauri Valley we will drive up to the top of the Waitekauri Road and start our walk from here.  This area played a huge part in gold exploration both in days gone by and in more recent times. 

After morning tea we will set off and see what we can find.  A walk around a man-made lake possibly.  Also, we will take a walk back down the track to the Maratoto Valley and look at part of history that are almost lost.  So come along and explore this area and have a great day out.  Bring extra money for coffee and ice cream on the way home.

Depart:                 7.30am   Return:  5.30-6pm approx

Cost:                      $25.00 (members)  $30.00 (non-members)

Leaders:               G1+  Keith & friends   G3 Grant, Ron and Ray

Bookings Open:     Monday 8 November @ 6pm

Contact:                   Grant Svendsen  Phone/Txt        021 047 6518  Email

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Sunday 5 December       Hamilton             Grade 1

Trip # 1129 – Walk and Lunch - Hamilton Gardens

Our last get together for the tramping year, so we’ve organised a stroll along the river from the Hamilton Gardens followed by a sumptuous Christmas lunch.

We will meet outside the Hamilton Gardens Café at 9.30am for a social walk using the river path to Victoria Bridge (police station bridge) and back to gardens - approx 6kms. 

After there will be plenty of time to change into your glad rags for a leisurely lunch.

Those wanting to join us for lunch only the function doors will be open at 1pm. Drinks and bar available at additional cost.

  • Walk starts 9.30am
  • Doors open for lunch 1pm
  • Welcome drink on arrival
  • Lunch 1.30pm

Cost:                   $35 members (club has subsidised this $15)    $50 non-members

Leaders:               Dianne & Pam

Bookings:            With full payment for lunch

        Open     Monday 18 October   

        Close     Monday 22 November (no refunds after 23 November)

Contact:               Colin Standing  Phone 07 855 1335     Phone/txt 027 326 6886      Email