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Waitetuna Grade 1. 17 July 2022

There were just 6 trampers who turned up for this trip, and, to be honest, it was pleasant walking with such a small group for a change. Our leader led us successfully on the David Thorn Loop Track and then on to the Mangakirkiri Loop Track. Walking on the first Loop we could see for miles, with extensive views all around - it was awe inspiring. However, we had to watch where we were putting our feet as the the ground was steep and slippery in places. Fortunately, no one fell and we reached the end of this track without mishap.

The second track was slightly shorter in length but we found it a little more difficult. The 'ups' seemed to be more up and the 'downs' more down! Again it was important to be careful not to lose our footing. However, the group was cohesive and supportive, and those who had a tendency to fall were helped when necessary. The scenery was very different from the previous track; instead of expansive views there was beautiful bush and so many different kinds of fauna and flora. Some of the trees were huge and majestic. Also, we heard a few bird songs as we walked, and there was a brief, sighting of a Kereru (Wood Pigeon). We had expected to return to the starting place before the grade 2s, but it turned out that they arrived back before us. This didn't matter though, as the 2s travelled in a private car and our group in a rented van. As usual we stopped on the way home, for ice cream.

Many thanks to Tony and Rose for surveying this tramp and for Dianne, our leader and driver on the day. My personal gratitude to all those on this trip who worked cooperatively together to make the day a success.

Margaret Standing

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