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Wairere Falls - Sunday 1 November 2020

9 trampers left Hamilton at 7.30am and headed to Wairere Falls under a moody sky. 

After morning tea in the car park we set off at a very leisurely pace, enjoying the birdsong and bush. We soon encountered lots of huge moss-covered boulders, tree roots and rocks and we took our time to safely navigate these obstacles. We crossed over wooden bridges and climbed up wooden stairs to reach the lookout, giving us views of the falls which were unusually impressive as there had been lots of rain on the previous day. We noticed that at the top of the falls the water seemed to be blowing upwards!

We then made our way up the second half of the track to the summit and the top of the waterfall. We lunched in the sunshine next to the river and away from the edge of the waterfall.

After lunch a few of us put on our rain coats and made our way over rocks and through muddy puddles to the viewing platform. We had a brief moment to take some photos when the wind blew the waterfall away from the platform, then suddenly the wind changed direction and blew the water onto the platform and we got absolutely drenched!  Well worth it for the view! We carefully navigated our way down the mountain so we all arrived safely back at the van. Thank you to Dianne for leading this wonderful hike.


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