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Waipapa Dam August 14th

2 Vans of us started out on a very frosty mornAdd Content/Layoutsing, glad to be in the van warm and cosy.

The views across the countryside were stunning in the early morning frost, where some has melted but some still very white. The scenery from Arapuni Road through to the dam was especially spectacular with the early sun, amazing rock formations, little lambs, and some very white and cold looking spots. We really are blessed in NZ.

The Grade Ones stayed at the dam in a nice sunny spot for morning tea, while the Twos headed off for the cold of the bush. The first part of the track was in lovely bush alongside a very clear stream with a few little waterfalls. We then ascended about 60 steps up and away from the water and then on towards the pine forests. Here the track widened and was quite solid. There were a few climbs to get us warmed up, and also some exposed areas to get some sun. So it was a bit, cold, warm, cold, warm. Then we found a nice sunny spot for our timed ten minute morning tea. Off again, with much the same terrain to the swing bridge. The swing bridge was 80m long and 40m above the river below. It was certainly something to see and the scenery from it was gorgeous. Unfortunately it is shut off at the other end, so the track stops there. We also had the fortune of a picnic table to eat our lunch. The track would be quite good for a bike ride too if you didn’t mind lifting your bike up the steps.

As we set off home, it seemed like there were more hills going home than there should have been. We obviously didn’t notice those downhills on the way there. However after a couple of short rest stops, we found a sign saying 4kms to go. Yahoo.

Considering that some those walking were unsure of whether they could manage 20kms, and the fact that Aaron was under the weather a bit, they did extremely well to finish the walk in fine stride.

It was a good walk that left most of us thinking we would be heading straight for a hot bath. Of course Tony had to tell us that he and Rose (who were heading back to Taupo) would be straight into the hot tub with a wine in hand and a view over the lake. Thanks Tony!! And thanks to you and Ron for arranging the walk. It was really good.

Thanks again to our drivers for a safe and sedate drive which allows us to just rest.





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