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Waiotahi/Karaka tracks          8 March 2020

Both walks had small select groups today; Keith and 4 girls were aiming for the Karaka track and Carol with 4 boys were off on the Waiotahi track. The weather was kind to us, not as hot as recent days but a good walking temperature.

First to be dropped off were the Waiotahi walkers, and morning tea was taken about half an hour into the walk. Then it was up and more up for about two hours, but the track was good and so we were able to keep up a good steady pace. It must have been okay because there was a constant stream of chatter amongst the group. We arrived at the junction in good time and turned right to head down the Karaka. From here on the track quality changed. there were tree roots, mud, and subsiding tracks where we had to walk quite close to the edge (plenty of trees though, not a steep drop off). We soon reached the rainbow rocks, the designated lunch spot. By now it had warmed up, so we admired the view, took some photographs and then found a spot for lunch, some in the sun, some in the shade. Where was the other group we wondered? After enjoying our lunch, we set off and the track was not in as good a state as the Waiotahi but it had the advantage of being downhill. We passed a couple of other walkers coming up and we enquired as to the location of the other group. Yes, they had been seen and no, they were not as far along as we expected. However, we did come across them and we were able to finish the walk together.

The Karaka walkers drove round to their start and had a leisurely morning tea before setting off. It was a gradual but constant uphill at a leisurely pace.  Firstly, following alongside the stream with a few pools that might tempt the water babies on the return journey. Then it turned into a more regular kind of tramping track with tree roots, muddy pot holes and an uneven surface. It was hoped that the rainbow rocks would be the lunch/turning round point but as the track had got a bit gnarly in places this was not to be. Lunch was taken and the return journey commenced, only to be sneaked up on by Carol, and the others.

On returning to the van we exchanged our boots for shoes and exchanged our thoughts on the day. A straightforward journey had us arriving back in Hamilton in good time.


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