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Waiomu Grove Walk Thames: Grade 1 +                  1 August 21

There were 11 trampers who arrived in the van at the Waiomu Reserve around the Firth of Thanes for a delicious shared morning tea – complete with table cloth! A while later there were 11 happy trampers, after they had all eaten well and enjoyed the sea views. Returning to the van, they were driven to the start of the planned walk. 
Although it was a little cold it was a beautiful day as we waded through the ford crossing, mostly without getting really wet feet. It was the only river crossing, as bridges had been built over all the other traverses on this trail. 
Next, we walked the main forest track to the location of a stand of mature kauri, one in particular which stands majestically tall and straight, where we sat and had lunch. The earlier part of the tramp in particular was very scenic, with spectacular bush, a clear, sparkling river and sunshine transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. It was sheer pleasure just to walk and enjoy the day and the congenial company. 
Then came the Plus bit of the tramp! There were wooden steps to climb, up to the ridge, to view the magnificent kauri. Actually it wasn't too bad, as we had plenty of time to climb at our own pace. Sitting by the huge kauri was a good spot to have lunch. Some of the more energetic of the group enjoyed walking further up the hill and caught up with the main group within half an hour. The journey down was no problem, with a few options of side trips for the hardy, and we got back to the van in good time. 
There was an opportunity to change, if necessary, and to take off our boots. Then back in the van once more to head for home. As usual, we stopped for treats on the way, and there were 10 happy trampers (one person didn't indulge) eating large ice-creams!
Thanks go to those who did the survey: Keith, Dianne and Pam, and for the leaders on the day. And a special thanks to Dianne who did all of the driving. It was a very pleasant day out in the bush, away from the noise and busyness of Hamilton. 
Margaret Standing

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