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Waikato Heads         20 September 2020

6 eager trampers set off on a chilly morning for the sand dunes of Port Waikato.  A brief period of rain didn't dampen our spirits and we enjoyed the scenic portion of the new Taupiri Expressway that we had previously walked during its formation.

Our first stop at Port Waikato was for morning tea in the beautiful gardens at Colbourne Reserve which are maintained by the residents.  Then off to Sunset Beach where recent erosion is evident.  At Maraetai Bay we divided into two groups of those who wanted to go as far as possible to where the Waikato River and ocean meet in a flurry of waves and those who preferred to view it from a distance.  Lunch was a welcome stop in the sand dunes which sheltered us from the full force of the persistent wind. Our return to the vans along the shore line was a race with the incoming tide as we attempted to keep footwear dry.  Some succeeded by scrambling up the sand banks and others were caught by a sudden surge.

Pokeno was the icecream and sausage stop and then Tony arranged another series of stops of historic highlights featuring totem poles high on a ridge overlooking the Taupiri Expressway, Huntly Twin Towers and surrounding country side.  We also explored sites in the vicinity of Taupiri Mountain where a farm is now a reserve and totem poles, barricades and carvings have been erected where pa sites formerly existed.  Well worth a visit but not advertised to the general public.

Many thanks to those involved in giving us such an informative a
nd enjoyable day.

Joan Pavreal  

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