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Peels Creek Maratoto              14 June 2020

What we lacked in numbers we made up with in enthusiasm and good cheer.  Six wanderers made up this group and after arriving at our destination we had a quick cuppa before setting off for the first of what would be numerous river crossings of varying difficulty, width and depth.  And it was a marvelous day which was ideal for those of us who were hesitant after missing three months of tramping due to the lockdown.  

Colin (dressed in red) led the way and ably assisted us, as required when a couple of the crossings were trickier and slipperier than the rest.  The track meandered along and over the river and after a couple of hours steady walking we stopped for lunch and a ramble amongst the battery and other remnants from many mining years ago.  

Post lunch we headed back to the van, stopping to identify an original dam and other areas of interest.  An ice cream stop in Paeroa kept spirits up and we arrived back in Hamilton in good time.  Many thanks to Colin for leading the way!      

Scribe – One of the Old gals 

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