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Old Reservoir Road. Sunday 25th April 2021

Getting up early Anzac day is something most of us will have done, but while I couldn't go to the local dawn service I listened to the broadcast on National Radio of the service held at the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park as I ate my breakfast.

On arrival at the carpark I was greeted like a long lost wanderer – maybe I am, last time I was out with the club was Aug 2019.

The day was a bit cool to start, with heavy dew on the grass, but we soon warmed up as it was a steady climb most of the morning. The track goes past the old Paeroa water reservoir (1929-1959), on what was the original coach road to Waitekauri. Morning tea was in or around a door-less tin shed?hut that Grant said was something to do with the local scout group. We didn't see the small lake that is somewhere nearby.

About 1130 we came out onto open farm land with views towards the Firth of Thames. We stopped there to learn about the native passion-fruit vine (kohia or passiflora tetrandra) and its fruit, which some sampled.

Then across the boundary fence and into the bush – once we found the correct spot. From now on it was ‘find the tags”, which varied in colour and age. The afternoon weather cooled down a bit and we had two brief showers. Some nice, easy bush walking was followed by a steep and slippery downhill - there were a few slides taken by several of us. One trekking pole even broke.

Near the bottom of the hill six of the 9 headed off to find the old coalmine, not really knowing what to expect. We came across some coal slag, and some man altered landscape. The coal was discovered in 1875 – there were two seams overlaying each other about 50 ft apart. The coal was delivered to Paeroa in wagons pulled by bullocks.

It was along this bullock track that we walked out, after we found the beginning of it. Much of it has succumbed to the damp undergrowth and a few slips, so not always easy walking. We had brief company of two dogs and their pig hunter – but no pig.

Thanks leaders Grant and Ron, and everyone else for the company.


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