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Night Walk - Hamilton Lake Saturday 11 June

On a day of torrential downpours, the Pukekos thought their territory was safe from humans.  They were most upset when just on dusk, cars appeared at Innes Common.  The BBQ area was taken over and they were chased away. Food? This may not be so bad after all.

About 20 Wanderers attired in parkas, over trousers, hats, scarves and umbrellas, braved the conditions to find Keith preparing the BBQ. Hot soup and sausages would be very welcome on a day like this.

We took off on our walk around the lake in an anticlockwise direction, following the boardwalk beyond the Yacht Club. The rain had eased to a light drizzle and it was not long before it stopped completely.

The lake looked beautiful in the evening light with ducks resting on the water. Coots, Canada Geese, a baby dove and numerous Pukeko were to be seen. White waterlily flowers poked their heads above the surface. As the daylight faded we were treated to twinkling lights around the lake shore. Waikato Hospital stood out across the lake with an impressive display.

Arriving back to the BBQ area we found Keith stirring the caldron. We gathered around in a circle, some on camp chairs and some standing.  It was so good to have a hot mug of soup, followed by sausages, fruit salad and Pam’s delicious Caramel Slice.

Thank you to Keith, Dianne and Pam for a wonderful evening.


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