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Mount Pureora         9 February 2020

Seven trampers in a van plus two in a car set off from Hamilton shortly after 7.30am. The first goal was to get to the centre of the North Island, which required a long drive down a bumpy, pot holed, gravel track. We arrived around 10am, had a quick morning tea, then walked 5 minutes to the "Centre of the North Island", which was a rather short monument with a ‘true story’ about how it was located with a cardboard map and a pin!

We next drove back in the van down the gravel track to the start of the Mount Pureora summit walk. It was nice and cool in the bush until we started walking up the steps! The bush was beautiful - there was some bird song but not much. It was a gradual climb to the summit, and did I mention there were a lot of steps! Also lots of boardwalks which really did make the ascent easier. After just over an hour we emerged above the bush line, almost at the summit, and were teased with a glimpse of the view to come. At the summit we were rewarded with stunning 360 degree views! For me the most impressive view was Lake Taupo. 

We lunched at the summit. On the descent there was some discussion over the total number of steps so we counted them, in silence. Subject to an independent adjudicator the number of steps is between 1021 and 1073!

Next we went on a short bush walk to view a 2-tonne log crawler tractor which was left in the forest in the same spot it had broken down.

Our final visit of the day was to two majestic totara trees. The second Pouakani totara tree is the world’s tallest ever recorded totara tree at over 35 metres tall, and is approximately 1850 years old. It was fenced off to protect it.

We arrived back in Hamilton shortly before 5pm.

Thank you to Colin and Carol for driving. It was an immensely enjoyable day! 


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