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Mokaihaha Track. 21 November 2021, Grade 1

This tramp was a substitute for the planned trip to Waitekauri which for various reasons wasn't suitable.The Mokaihaha Ecological Area is situated on the Mamaku Plateau, 9.6 kms. south-east of the Mamaku township, a very small settlement which we drove through on the way home. The tramp was graded as a 1 but included a few ups and downs and some dead trees to climb over, so was probably at least a 1 +, maybe even a 2. It was the first time the Wanderers' had been out for a while because of Covid restrictions. Two van loads of happy trampers were keen to get out of town. The majority of these were booked in for the harder tramp but there were 7 of us who preferred the easier option.

The more energetic group set off at a good pace but we enjoyed our morning tea before we started to walk .We were surprised how cool the weather was, as most of us had been expecting it to be very warm and lots of sun. However, once we were in the bush, the temperature was just right, there was no need to keep taking off, or putting on, extra clothes. It was so good to be out tramping again – with like minded people. What struck me most was the absolute quiet - silence even. I felt that I wanted to absorb it. Then there were the amazing, huge trees, including the large podocarps. We felt awed by the sheer size of them. Also we were fortunate to hear a kaka, which was a very distinctive sound. We weren't lucky enough to see one though. .

The walk itself was very pleasant, a few tricky paths to manoeuvre and some steepish parts but nothing too difficult. Walking in a small group was very pleasant, an easy pace and time to chat. We went and had a look at Lake Rotohokahaka which wasn't very impressive; it was more like a large mud pool than a lake. I had been imagining that perhaps it would be suitable for a swim! We sat and had an early lunch, then made our leisurely, way back, to the South road, where we had left the vans. and were due to meet the other group.

It seemed that everyone had had a good day. Thanks go to the leaders and the drivers. As usual we stopped on the way home, for a coffee or an ice-cream.



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