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McLaren Falls Park Christmas Trip                       8 December 2019

A happy group of Wanderers loaded their gear into the three awaiting vans and headed towards the Kaimais, hoping the predicted thunderstorms would not eventuate.

Arriving at the McLaren Falls, we walked on to the bridge to view a great expanse of rock with very little water running downstream.  Driving on into the park we passed the dam as a siren sounded to signal the release of water, so we returned the bridge, where after a short wait we were rewarded by the sight and sound of approaching water.  In no time it turned into a torrent which roared over the bare rocks with the white water cascading down into the river below. 

We enjoyed a cuppa and some delicious Christmas cake before leaving the Information Centre shelter in the vans heading for Top Flat. 

From here we split into groups and had a couple of hours to wander the various tracks around the lake or up to the waterfall. The day was pleasantly warm with a light drizzle from time to time. It was a lovely area to explore, so many trees with their fresh green foliage. Maybe we could come back in Autumn to see the colours reflected in the lake?

Everywhere we looked there were birds. All around the lake edges were geese with their goslings, also large numbers of Canada geese, with black swans, coots and ducks on the lake.  Tuis danced among the flax flowers as they sipped the nectar. Some of us were intrigued with a collection of foul smelling red fungus sprouting from the ground under a large tree.

Eventually we all arrived back at the Information Centre and after a quick spruce up, continued on to the Kaimai Café for our Christmas treat. Just in time! We had only stepped inside when the heavens opened and the rain thundered down. What perfect timing. 

A delicious meal was enjoyed by all, accompanied by plenty of talk and laughter as we shared our stories.

The rain had long gone before it was time to depart for home and we had a good trip back thanks to our drivers.A very big thank you to Dianne and her team for a wonderful day.



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