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Lakes Okareka & Tikitapu 4 July 2021

Two vans and a car left Hamilton at 7.30am and headed towards Rotorua.  First stop for morning tea was beside picturesque misty Lake Okareka, where we were briefed on the day ahead.  We all climbed aboard the vans again and drove a few minutes up the road to start the Okareka Walkway excursion.  It was quite chilly to start with but a brisk walk along the boardwalks soon had us warmed up.  It was a ‘take your time and enjoy at your own pace’ walk to the outlet and return.  The blue sky was reflecting beautifully on the water and the hills covered in bush and farmland made for stunning views.

Once all back, we boarded the vans and were off to Lake Tikitapu, where on arrival we all sat on the tiered grass bank and ate our lunch.  Was a great spot for a picnic and while we were here the duck bus/boat came and drove into the lake adding a bit of entertainment for us.  There were dozens of friendly fantails flitting about on the grass, almost like we weren’t even there.

Once fed and watered we started off around the lake on a very pleasant, established bush track.  It was relatively flat with a few small ups and downs. A short while in we turned left and went down towards the lake on a small side track to a hidden away beach.  We retraced back onto the main track and then further around we came across a carpark with a raised viewing area where both the Tikitapu/Blue and Rotokakahi/Green Lakes could be seen. 

From here we descended back down to the lake edge, pausing at a scenic, secluded sandy beach, and then headed back along the main track through the bush.  While on this part of the track we could see the floating wetland that acts as a barrier and wave mitigation between the recreational area and the ski zone on the lake. A very interesting concept that was built by the Rotorua Waterski Club.

The last part of the track was along a path on the road edge. Everyone enjoyed their ice creams and coffee from the campground shop before we headed off back to Hamilton.  This was a fantastic day out only enhanced by the stunning weather. Thanks to Dianne, Keith and Pam for their organising and the drivers who got us there and back safely. 


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