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Hemo Gorge Walk               28 June 2020

2 van loads of intrepid trampers braved the weather to venture out to Rotorua for the Hemo Gorge walk.  Thunder clouds threatened to dampen our adventures but did not deliver heavy rain.

We started the tramp at the southern end of town (I had my compass so I knew that) at the car park at Whakarewarewa Thermal Valley.  An imposing Waharoa (gateway) stands at the entrance to the trail and the carving tells a story of two brothers.  The shared bike track followed a lovely stream, which would be great in summer for swimming, and we made our way to the new bike park area and then up hill for fabulous views over Rotorua and the Thermal Park.

Part way up the climb we were warned several times about the gnarly bit of slippery mud and the steep incline, but much to our surprise DOC had been in and placed wooden steps up the gnarly bit! I must say I was slightly disappointed by this.

The views from the top were spectacular! We then traversed downhill, splitting into two groups - the "stair going down" group and the "downhill racer" group. (No need to say who was there first, but it was the "downhill racer" group!) We then walked back to the bike park for lunch.  

A shower interrupted our seating, however it was quick to disperse and then we made our way back to the bus and an ice cream as we left Rotorua.

A lovely trip now, and a great swimming spot when winter releases us from her grip.

Susan Rogers

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