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Hamilton Gardens 30 January 2022

The Trip Bulletin proclaimed this as a Mystery Ramble, although the fact that it started later than usual and started at the Hamilton Gardens supplied some clues. A group of 15 members gathered by the garden café and set off through the carpark and up the hill to the cemetery. We went through the cemetery, not awaking the dead, and then towards the new road works on Cobham Drive. We got a good view of the new bridge and other road construction for the Peacocks Subdivision.

From there we dropped down to Howell Avenue and then via the very extensive new boardwalks to the river bank. A walk along the river bank and over more board walks till we finally found suitable trees in Hammond Park, for shade and to have a rest and coffee etc., for those that brought any. We then continued southeast until the pathway gave out and we had a gentle climb up to a road

It was then time to ramble along Malcolm St and back to where started at the Garden Café. It was a fine day with lots of sun and a gentle breeze.

We then changed our clothes and some of us went for morning tea at the café. Overall it was a very enjoyable short walk and a good start to the new tramping year. While I have not had much to do with the club lately I look forward to many more tramps and I would like to thank Diane and Pam for their leadership and Keith for his little snippets of addition information.


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