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Hakarimata 9th May 2021

There were 9 members aboard the van for this close-to-home trip, and two visitors were going to join us at the Ngaruawahia car park. Then the fun began. The bulletin described one trip, but an email had been circulated describing three options. Who would go where? We all went up the track that led to the old quarry. Not many of us knew about it, and nature has been reclaiming it, but it was an interesting and quite scenic location.

From there two returned to the base of the hill, taking in the walk to the historic dam and its environs. They then drove around to the Waingaro Road car park and walked in from there. They went up the track a little way and then retraced their steps to the picnic area and to the cascades. As the weather was not the best, they enjoyed their lunch in the comfort of the van.

Two others returned to the base of the hill and then went up the steps, as the original write up suggested. They were greeted at the top by the remainder of the group.

The remainder of the group had continued a little further along the quarry track and then dived off to the left into the bush. It was uphill of course, but a true tramping track, coming out at the lookout. Only a few went up to enjoy the misty view. After lunch this group went off to meet those coming up the stairs.

Unfortunately, one member had twisted an ankle on the way up so the descent was a bit painful, but he managed it and was thankful to see the van come into sight. DOC have been working on this southern track putting in lots of steps and a gravel path. It has lost a bit of its wilderness feel but the track is now more accessible to a wider range of people venturing into the bush.

Thanks to Grant and Ron for incorporating the quarry track into our day which was shorter than usual but a very nice day out.


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