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Broken Hills G1+ 11 April 2021

There were 9 keen trampers for this trip. Rain had been forecast but we were fortunate, it was a beautiful autumn day, very hot and humid at times. After the usual morning tea, we set off with enthusiasm up the Water Race Track. It wasn't an easy climb but we walked slowly and steadily and it was no problem. From there we headed, partly up and down steps, with a few tricky parts that needed extra care. We climbed up to Collins drive and looked at the entrance to the very, long tunnel, then walked around it to the other side where we ate lunch. Afterwards, torches at the ready, we walked through the tunnel which was a good experience, then just for fun, walked back again. From there we headed back, via a different track, back to the car park. On the way most of the group explored the huge cavity which was cut into the hillside, to view a huge stope.

It was a good day, challenging at times but manageable with good company. Special thanks to the leaders, Dianne, Pam and Keith for all their efforts; and to the rest of the group for contributing to a pleasant, day out.


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