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Awatiro – Stubbs Farm Grade 2. 13 October, 2019

The Stubbs family generously offer the use of their land for a variety of activities including tramping, rock climbing, abseiling, caving and running events as well as education for school groups.  Awatiro is west of the Waitomo caves in the rich karst landscape. 

A sign at the gate announces our arrival at “Awatiro Stubbs Farm”.  It’s a short drive up to the carpark near the airstrip.  From there Colin leads us across farmland using his GPS to negotiate through many ups and downs of hills and limestone formations.  It was lambing season and we encountered many sheep and their offspring.  At one fence we found a goat caught by its horns. Colin and a prospective new member Petrina successfully saved it from a questionable future.  

Eventually we climb up through scrub and bush, scramble through some rocks to reveal the much anticipated “Frog Pond” (heard but not seen).  After crossing more open farmland, streams and springs we reached the QEII bush.  The stream flows through this block of wonderful native bush featuring a canyon and caves.  It is a unique place.  The limestone rock formations should not be missed if you ever get the opportunity. 

Thank you to Colin for your planning and skills in leading this trip.


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