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Aratiatia Wanderings. Sept 29, 2019

20 trampers (two missed out because of daylight savings and shall remain unnamed) set off to Taupo on a brisk morning. We arrived at the Aratiatia dam to see the mighty Waikato waters being set free.  We ventured off to a more secluded spot for a different viewing but unfortunately there was not much to see. 

Regardless, we headed on foot to our departure point and made excellent time, reaching Huka falls in a little over two hours.  Navigating mountain bike riders, runners and other walkers, we had quite a few stops (labelled strip stops) as layers and layers of clothes were discarded due to the increasing temperature. 

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the fine weather and the awesome views before losing each other in the crowds of people also enjoying the fine weather and views of Huka falls. We scattered for lunch with our leaders directing us to meet back at the vans by 1.30pm.  We journeyed back to our original stopping point to view the workings of the Aratiatia dam again.  Once again we scattered to the varied viewpoints to witness the force and power of the river and were suitably impressed. 

A quick coffee stop in Tirau concluded our day. 

Many thanks to the J team of John D and Jenny W who were our capable and confident leaders.    


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